Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Chocolate Dipped Mochi Nuggets with Sprinkles

One of my favorite snacks from Trader Joe's is Mochi Rice Nuggets.  They are plain but addictive. I decided I wanted to make a sweet treat for a friend so I decided to fancy up the nuggets with chocolate and sprinkles.  It was easy to melt the chocolate (available from HM Ben Franklin Crafts) according to the package directions.  Each nugget was then hand dipped and rolled in the sprinkles (also available at HM Ben Franklin Crafts).  This easy treat was then packaged in a pretty cello bag for gift giving. (Both Daiso and HM BFC have wonderful bag selections.)  If you want to purchase some Trader Joe's snack products check House Mart  They currently do not stock the Mochi Rice Nuggets, but they may if there are some requests (hint-hint).