Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Bows with Leftover Wrapping Paper

Wrapping gifts always leaves me with strips of paper too pretty to toss in the trash. I've discovered two ways to use them up and make something useful. I used the Sizzix bow die to cut 5 of each size strip. The instructions that came with the die shows exactly how to assemble the bow. Because the die can cut several sheets of paper at a time, I only had to run five small sheets of leftover wrapping paper once through the die. Rather than using a brad to hold the bow together, I used a gold pipecleaner (make a small coil at one end) so that the bow could easily be attached to the ribbon on the gift. In the photo I also show how you could glue a small star or other embellishment to anchor the bow. It would be better if you had scraps of two sided wrapping paper because some of the backside of the paper does show (but that doesn't bother me).

Using the Martha Stewart border punch (shown in the photo without the matching corner punch), you can also use wrapping paper scraps to make a medallion bow. Simply cut 1-3/4" strips about 20" long and use the punch along the edge. Accordian pleat the punched strip and glue (Fabri-Tac) the ends and center to form the medallion. Embellish the bow with plastic or glittered paper punched snowflakes and acrylic crystals.
Besides using my leftover wrapping paper, I also use giftwrapping paper that I save from gifts given to me. Sometimes the paper that friends and family use are so beautiful that it seems only fitting to recycle them by cutting around the folds and tape. Making these bows is a pleasant in-front-of-the-TV project after Christmas. You'll be SO happy next Christmas when you discover your stash of ready-to-go bows. Don't forget to make extra tags too! Make the world a better place...please recycle.


Cheryl said...

Pretty bows Lynn! I used my die only once and forgot that I have it. I better haul it out and make some bows too!

Unknown said...

Great idea Lynn!

Joy said...

OOhh! I love the way those bows came out. Really nice colors, too. The accordian one looks like it came from Prima flowers!

Great green idea, too!TFS!