Thursday, February 4, 2021

Valentine Calendar Notepads

A long time ago I purchased (for under $2 each from HM Ben Franklin Crafts) these notepads with shiny foil covers.  I tucked them away with the idea that I would use them someday.  Well, my 'someday' is this Valentine's Day! I thought they were perfect to pair with my odds and ends of Valentine ephemera, card stock, washi tape and stickers.

My goal was to make eight different notepads to give to friends and family.  I tried to keep them relatively flat so that they could be kept in a purse and used for random note taking.

I also decorated the backs of the notepads.....gotta be pretty all around right?

The insides of the notepads were rather plain so I decided to decorate them too.  I added  calendars because I thought it might be useful to have one handy when writing notes and I still have lots of them leftover this year. LOL!

I only purchased one new item to make these notepads and that was a Sizzix die and stamp set.  I found it in the red clearance section of the Hilo Ben Franklin Craft store.  What a deal and very useful for many other Valentine crafts.  Whenever you see inexpensive, undecorated items don't be afraid to hoard them for a 'someday' use.  You never know when you'll have 'pandemic' time to create pretty little things to send as 'happy mail' to friends and family. Hugs!



Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

You decorated these notepads so well with a touch of "love". Makes them fun to use.

yyam said...

Such a thoughtful gift idea! You are so sweet!:)

Annette Allen said...

so totally creative and just fun.