Monday, August 30, 2021

Tie Dyed Washi Paper Upcycled Container

Can you guess what this was before I papered it with hand-dyed washi paper?  It originally held caramel popcorn.  Because it was so sturdy and clean inside (the popcorn was in a plastic bag), I decided that it had to be repurposed.  I also had some old large sheets of plain mulberry washi paper which unfortunately were slightly stained and had tiny bug holes which made them perfect candidates for my tie dyed experiments.  (These papers were purchased at Ben Franklin Crafts many years ago but you should be able to find large sheets of natural colored washi paper at Celebrations (next door to our Mapunapuna HM Ben Franklin Crafts store).   
Here is another view of the same container.  With tie dying every part of every paper will come out different.  To get the tie dye pattern aligned along the container's opening, I first made watercolor paper (the only really large paper I had) templates of the side and two ends.  I used double stick tape to adhere the templates to the tie dyed sheet before cutting out the pieces.  The part that goes around the top of the container was then cut apart from the lower side piece.  

All four pieces were then glued onto the cardboard container with 3 in 1 Beacon glue. 

I am very pleased with how neat and clean this project turned out despite the messy paper dying process which left my hands 'lovely' for days.  Reminder: Wear gloves while dying washi paper!

I used Ken Oliver powder dyes because it is very potent so a little goes a long way.  It's best to put a tiny bit of powder into water and then dipping the paper into the colored liquid or painting on the dye to specific places.
I'm not sure what I will put in this container but most likely it will be a gift container because then I won't need wrapping paper. Hahaha!
I even papered the bottom of the container because there were a UPC code and price sticker which couldn't be removed.  The odd looking paper below is what the washi paper looks like before I apply the dye.  Each little wrapped point of paper is wound up with waxed leather sewing thread which maybe found in the HM BFC leather or beading department.  Normally, when I tie dye fabric I use rubber bands but they would be too abrasive on paper (even though washi paper is very sturdy).  Even if you don't choose to upcycle a cardboard container, tie dying paper is fun.  You never know what the result will be but the pretty papers can easily be used on cards or in scrapbooks. Give it a try....wear gloves!  LOL!



eunice said...

Wow! Your tie dyed mulberry paper is amazing. Never would have thought to tie dye paper...the results are beautiful! I always admire how you often upcycle your boxes and containers to treasured pieces. This cylindrical container is reminiscent of the beautiful Japanese cannisters used to hold green tea!

yyam said...

Gosh...this turned out so artsy and gorgeous! Love all your recent upcycling projects!