Friday, June 10, 2022

Simple Pearl and Gemstone Earrings

I was making two earrings for gifts so I decided to make two extra to sell in my locker box at Hilo HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  The hardest thing about making these earrings is choosing the pearls and gemstones to make matching pairs.  I use just one ball end gold filled head pin for each earring in the pair.  A needle nose plier was used to form the small loop (and wire wrap the excess wire) from which the earring will hang from the gold filled ear wire.  The other essential tool is the side cutting clipper (see lower left hand of tool set) Although I did buy this small amazing tool set from HM  BFC, for this simple jewelry project I really only used the two tools mentioned. I work over an empty open box from Big Island Candies which is set upon a folding TV tray in front of our flat screen TV. It's a simple but productive work area for me.  If you are looking for an easy craft project you should try making earrings. I think you will really enjoy making wearable crafts.



yyam said...

They look lovely!

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