Sunday, June 26, 2022

To-Go Cup Gift Card Holder

I thought you might like to see the To-Go cup gift card holder I made to match the birthday card that I posted earlier. Because I didn't have any more of the hand dyed and stenciled paper that I created for the card, I searched my Hawaiian print papers for something that would match.  I found a paper, but it was too thin to use as a gift card holder so I cut an extra set from plain card stock and glued the die cut Hawaiian print paper to it.  Using Kraft-paper colored card stock for the other parts of the cup, I was able to create a card holder that pleased me.  I was happy that the Ai set has both the stamps and dies.  The dies even make impressions that add to the realism and there are word stamps included too!.  On the backside of the card holder you can see the gift card peeking out at the corners.  Amazingly, the gift card color matched the card holder too....can you guess what company logo is on the gift card?



eunice said...

Nice! There are so many super cool dies available nowadays to make it fun to be crafty! I like that the die cut and even embossed the cup lid in one pass...neat! Using a coordinating paper on your coffee cup to match the card was a great idea!

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Annette Allen said...

fabulous card and gift card holder..