Tuesday, August 9, 2022

"You're That Old?" Magic Wheel Card

I was surprised that making a Whimsy 'Magic Wheel' card wasn't really difficult.  I did have to watch a video to understand the mechanics of making it but I think I can make another one without referring to the video again...(so I guess this is really one of the easier paper construction pieces LOL!). I started by making the wheel portion from cardstock with numbers printed on it and then stamping the 'Happy Birthday' wheel , the dotted circle and arrow onto the various pieces of cardstock cut with the Whimsy Magic wheel die set. 
I used a Whimsy purple dotted card stock from a 6x6 pack for the background. The Whimsy character and the saying were die cut with Whimsy dies and colored with Copic pens.
I hope my friend will see the humor of this card. (We are almost the same age.) I had to stop myself from playing with the spinner because the arrow was getting a bit bent...hahaha! I am already planning a floral version of this Magic Wheel card because this one was so easy and turned out very close to what I imagined.  Yay for me! 


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eunice said...

Wowie Zowie, what a super fun and neat card! I have been wanting to try this type of card for the longest time but never was able to find a tutorial that I could understand well enough to try this. I think I'll try the link to the video tutorial you used and see if I can finally learn this! Can't wait to see other versions you come up with this super cool mechanism!