Sunday, September 18, 2022

Recycled Chocolate Candy Gift Bag

I just couldn't resist turning this Ethel M gift bag into a special bag for a future home baked gift. It was started by cutting in half a 6x6 Whimsy dessert printed card stock (from a pack). Next I stamped and colored some images from a Whimsy stamp set. To add some realism I frosted the desserts with white dimensional paint (in a squeeze tube). and decorated with some fake candy sprinkles. Once the dimensional paint was dry, I fussy cut out the desserts and attached them with adhesive dots.  The 'But First Dessert' words were stamped and heat embossed in dark brown.  
For the back of the bag, I die cut the word 'Sweet' using a Whimsy die and some frosted/foil card stock.  The dessert images for the back were prepared like the ones for the front before they were attached with foam adhesive dots. I was going to leave the sides of the bag undecorated until I noticed that the Ethel M name was printed along the center of the gusset fold. I folded and glued down two paper doilies to the sides  (The part that extended beyond the sides were folded under because cutting would leave unsightly rough edges.  I think they coordinate well with the overall look I was trying to achieve because doilies say 'fancy treats' to me. LOL!  Recycling bags make me happy because I can imagine their life extending far beyond the usual one and done use. I have a second bag twin that is telling me to turn it into an autumn goodie bag. Please visit again to see how it turns out!


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eunice said...

Whoo Hoo! I know I've said it before and I'll say it again... You make the BEST recycled decorated and embellished gift bags and boxes! Pretty packaging always elevates the excitement of the surprise inside!