Monday, November 21, 2022

Chocolate Pecan Scones

 I just made a batch of Ina Garten's (Barefoot Contessa) Chocolate Pecan Scones (recipe available online). They turned out quite well...tender, buttery and light.  The dough was so heavy and sticky that I thought it would be scone bricks. LOL! I think next time I would add more pecans and perhaps take out some of the chocolate pieces.  These scones taste wonderful but perhaps a little jam or lemon curd would make them taste even better. I am a messy, lazy cook so I cut corners whenever I can.  For example, this recipe said to use a mixer to form the dough, but of course I just used a fork.  Also, the dough should have been rolled out with on a cutting board with a rolling pin but I just patted it out (with my hands) directly on the parchment paper that I was going to bake the scones on. I cut out the scones right on the parchment too....see lazy and messy!  But the results are what matters...right?..and these were  delicious so I guess I don't have to be a perfect cook to make perfect scones. Hahaha!

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yyam said...

I find scones a little finicky actually. The dough needs to be wet for it to be moist. Personally I freeze my scones and bake them from frozen for best results. The weather in Singapore is too hot! Some of the best scones I've eaten don't look that fantastic while those that look really good are really dry. So you do you! The fact that you got these done with a fork is pretty awesome. :)