Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Five-Minute Daiso Baby Card

Knowing that I would be in Japan when our niece would give birth to a new son and not having enough time to create a suitable card, I opted for a cheat.  I saw a really cute 3D baby card at Daiso and snapped it up for a $1.75 bargain price.  Upon opening the the packaging, I realized that it was not a baby card but a decorated envelope...huh?  Still determined to use this really sweet Daiso product, I decided to double stick  tape it to the front of a printed card made from a folded double sided card stock.  I chose a baby print card stock (plaid outside) that has a light design of clouds inside over which I can write a message.  To make the card even more special, I decided to leave the top of the envelope (card front) unattached so that money or a check gift can be concealed.  Daiso also sells colored envelopes that fit this slimline mini card.  They do have small red rectangles on the front which is probably for postage.  I used washi tape to conceal the rectangles but because my tape didn't conceal it with one layer, I doubled up.   I am very pleased with this quickie baby card because it looks good and worked well in a pinch. Go check out your nearest Daiso store to see what goodies you can find to make your life delightful!


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